Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Working toward the light

Finally finished the second and third pieces that will hang in San Antonio at the Radius Gallery.  The second is called City Square

and the third is called isometric square

I'm over the square.  I feel like totally abandoning what I've done and throw caution to the wind!  Today I started two more pieces that will be more improvisational  - more surface techniques and more manipulations.  I think I went through a period last year where I was trying to cram many techniques into a single cloth - without too much rhyme or reason.

This week I've started reading the Lowenfeld Lectures, written in 1930's and revised.  Viktor Lowenfeld wrote and studied the development of the creative mind in children and, more specifically, children with sight impairment or complete sightlessness.  The current thinking of that time about creative development appears to have been based on limited investigations in these populations.  Lowenfeld wrote most famously about the stages of artistic or creative development in children - but I believe it applied to adults as well. 


  1. I hope that you saw the Alber's show at the Hirshhorn a few years ago re: your colored squares studies. I applaud your movement forward!

    1. Patricia, I did not see the Hirshhorn exhibit but have found Albers prints in some museums, including the Phillips Collection. Thanks for your encouragement!