Monday, February 27, 2012

Working in a series, creative blocks, etc.

I've 'listened' to many people talk about creative dry periods, logjams of inertia or ill-conceived concepts pursued to exhaustion.  I've spoken to many artists who are very thoughtful and generous in discussing their techniques to move their work to the next step.  Yes, some of it cerebral - but for me, a grinder, going through elementary design or color steps that we so rely on helps push me along.  I'm not a great artist, I haven't found my artistic voice and in many ways I am grateful because the pressure must be intense to go beyond your expectations - to create the next something that the world is waiting for.  Having said that, I do want to push myself to be able to express more intense feelings through my art work and sadly, if the toolbox doesn't have the right tools, I don't think I'll get there.  I've spent the last 5 years working the toolbox, creating a personal set of images, modifying techniques to call them my own - but in the end, if I can't communicate the intensity, then it's all for naught.  By intensity, I mean creating a visual statement that reflects my inner beliefs or posits a challenge to my inner beliefs, so that when I look at the piece hanging on the wall, the piece elicits a physical, or psychic reaction - I'm not talking about vomiting or laughing hysterically.  I want to join the viewers in looking at a piece of art and feel some human connection.

So, in order to push myself, I have promised myself to create one piece a week - otherwise, I'll be pissing and moaning forever about how awful my work is.  The repetitive nature of this exercise I hope will challenge me to better incorporate all the design elements and color theories that we've all studied - to create something intense and rational.

Here's this week's study.  It lacks a focal point and looks a bit flat and wallpaperish, so I'm hoping to add an interesting element or possibly slice it into a tryptych, or .....

All comments appreciated.

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